Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Week of 2/14/11 - 2/20/11

This past Sunday the Rogue Racers set several PR's in the Rock 'n' Roll Mardi Gras Marathon and Half Marathon in New Orleans, LA. Check out the results page of our website to see just how well everyone ran!

For anyone running the Parkway Classic 10 Miler, this is week #8 on the training schedule, which means that Saturday's long run is a 10 miler at long tempo pace + 10 sec/mile (YIKES... we will definitely earn our Starbucks this week).  If you are interesting in registering for the Parkway Classic, make sure to sign up soon since the race is currently at 90% capacity.

Lastly, we are ready to put in our order for race singlets and T-shirts.  The goal is to have the new singlets by the Parkway classic (so we can all wear them), so I'd like to aim for Saturday 2/26/11 as the order cut off date.  Please respond to this post letting me know exactly what you would like (1. T-shirt/singlet  2. mens/womens  3. size  4. quantity).  Please see the links below for examples:

Women's Sprint Singlet in Maroon/White (color #640) - approximate price with screen printing ($23)
Men's Sprint Singlet in Maroon/White (color $640) - approximate price with screen printing ($23) 
Women's Technical Tee in Maroon/White (color #033) - approximate price with screen printing ($35)
Men's Technical Tee in Maroon/White (color #033) - approximate price with screen printing ($35)

The costs listed above are estimates, but I do not anticipate the shirts costing more than the prices listed above. I will let you know the final costs once we know how many shirts we are ordering.

Schedule updates for this week:
2/15/11 - Tuesday 12:30pm track workout at Washington-Lee HS - meeting as scheduled
2/15/11 - Tuesday 6:30pm track workout at Chantilly HS - meeting as scheduled
2/19/11 - Saturday 8am long run at W&OD trail - meeting as scheduled

Happy training, 



  1. My shirt order:
    - 1 women's singlet (size S)
    - 2 women's singlets (size M)
    - 1 women's T-shirt (size M)

  2. My shirt order:
    1-Women's T-shirt (size XS)
    1-Women's singlet (size S)
    1-Men's T-Shirt (size M)
    2-Men's singlets (size M)

  3. My shirt order:
    - 1 Mens Singlet (Size M)
    - 1 Mens T Shirt (Size M)

    Just signed up for the 5k at the Classic!

  4. BethAnn said...

    My shirt order:

    1-Women's singlet (size S)
    2-Men's T-Shirt (size XL)

  5. Morning!
    My shirt order:

    1 women's singlet (size M)
    1 women's t-shirt (size M)

    Have a great day! :-)

  6. my shirt order:
    1 men's singlet (size M)
    I'll ask April to post her order ASAP.

  7. my shirt order:
    1 women's singlet (size s)
    1 women's tshirt (size s)


  8. 1 men's singlet (XL)
    1 men's singlet (L)
    1 men's t-shirt (XL)
    1 men's t-shirt (L)

  9. 1 women's singlet (L)


  10. 1 men's singlet (L)
    1 women's singlet (M)

  11. Take a look at and look at the new qualifying standards for the Boston Marathon. Looks like my age group will need a sub-3 hour marathon to ensure entrance. They made the age group times 5 minutes faster. They then will allow those that go 20 minutes faster than the qualifying time to register first, 10 minutes faster than qualifying time register a few days later and then the rest can register.

  12. Montrail has a new trail shoe called the Rogue Racer!

  13. - 2 women's singlets (size M)

  14. -1 women's singlet (size S)

  15. -2 men's singlet (size L)

  16. -1 women's singlet (M)

  17. -1 women's singlet (M)
    -1 men's singlet (L)