Monday, December 5, 2011

Week of 12/5/11 - 12/11/11

Congratulations to everyone who raced this past weekend.  Results are posted on our website!

Workouts for this week:

  • Monday 12/5/11 - 6:30pm workout at Chantilly HS
  • Tuesday 12/6/11 - 8:45pm workouts at Chantilly HS
  • Wednesday 12/7/11 - 6:30pm workout at Chantilly HS
  • Thursday 12/8/11 - 8:45pm workout at Chantilly HS
  • Friday 12/9/11 - 6:30pm workout at Chantilly HS (Austin's Birthday!)
  • Saturday 12/10/11 - 8am workout at Manassas Battlefield (meet at the Stone Bridge parking lot)
  • Sunday 12/11/11 - no scheduled group workouts

Happy training, 



  1. Helllooooooo team! Mai-An and I would like to thank you all very much for your generosity. You guys really outdid yourselves and we really appreciate everything you did. It's good to know we have such great friends. Thank you all once again, I'm glad to see our son is getting so much love already. Can't wait for him to meet you guys.

  2. BTW, I forgot to add that all the presents are awesome...but I'm REALLY LOVIN' the stroller. That thing is sweet! I've already rolled it, broken it down, put it together, checked out all the options, etc. Awesome. THANK YOU ALL!!!

  3. Workout for Monday
    Progression Strides

    Jog a 400, then:

    1st 100 - Slightly below 5k race pace (15-30 sec)
    2nd 100 - 5k race pace
    3rd 100 - Slightly faster than 5k race pace (15-30 sec)
    4th 100 - A minute faster than 5k pace

    Repeat 10 times for a total of 5 miles.
    If paced correctly the total time for the 400 should be as follows:

    5k Pace/400 Finish Time (Seconds)
    5:30 78.8
    6:00 86.3
    6:30 93.8
    7:00 101.3
    7:30 108.8
    8:00 116.3
    8:30 123.8
    9:00 131.3
    9:30 138.8
    10:00 146.3

  4. Adam, amazing new PR, I guess all those long miles helped!

  5. thanks Peter. Maybe one day I'll catch up to keith.

    The long miles have really helped with it all. The 5k used to feel long at times when I raced it. Now it feels like a quick workout. I think I will keep throwing the longer runs into the mix...once my legs finally feel back to normal. I still feel stiff at times from the marathon...on thursday I finally ran a 10 mile run.

  6. dang! Lauren with a 1:21 15k. That's awesome! Especially when running through all that debacle

  7. Congrats to all the racers last weekend. Look forward the the Rev3/Rogue Racers race in the spring. Great to see it listed on

  8. Same here Adam. I knew that I wasn't going to improve much on the same mileage so I increased it significantly. Not a fan of long runs yet but the aerobic benefit has been outstanding. I used to work out in trainers, moved to racers and am now going to a 4mm drop, can feel the legs getting stronger.

  9. During the build up I used the T7s and the Nike XC Streak 2 for my workouts (4 and 3 mm drop); the brooks launch for my long runs (~6-8mm); and the kinvaras and altra instincts for the recovery runs (supposed to be zero drop, but they are probably more like 1mm and they took a little getting used to...not the most responsive shoe out there).

    Monday and Wednesday were usually 10-11 mile track workouts (including warmup/cooldown) all in flats, or long tempos up to 12 miles. Fridays were fartleks of some kind. Usually on these days I would also run a second recovery run of about 4-5 miles to get in an avg of 15-16 miles.

    Recovery runs I stopped really using a watch; i would just use one every now and then; or I would just keep time and run for say an hour, or 5 miles if i knew the course. I learned to not care as much about these runs.

    Long runs were generally hilly courses (rolling, but not crazy); progressive runs. I would build up by doing 3 week blocks of 16, 18, and 20; then drop back down to 16, 18, and 20 again. I did this for 9 weeks, with the last two blocks actually being 21 (race) and 22 miles. I felt like this kept my legs fresh by not having to pound out week after week of 20 milers that I was not used to. Usually these were on Saturdays. I would then go back on mondays after taking sundays completely off and run faster track workouts; so I really was benefiting most from the long runs and the big workout days (days where I would get in 15 or 16 miles total).

  10. Also, during this build up was the first time I've ever reached 80 mpw (did it at least 2x, with once week that was about 78); and I felt entirely comfortable doing it...not overly fatigued and able to do workouts; this was not the case a few years back when I was training ~70 mpw and just butting my head against the wall with no workouts. The slow build up and the shoe rotation helped.

  11. Good information. Besides the long runs the 8-10 mile tempo track workouts helped me a lot. Like you said...a 5k is extremely short after that kind of training.

  12. The longer mileage weeks have definitely helped. I had two 70+ and a few 60+ weeks before the marathon. Now 5k and 8k races feel quite a bit easier. I'm going to continue longer runs and try to keep the base mileage between 50 and 60 before getting serious about starting to train for Shamrock later this month. A gradual increase in mileage with more hills and more race specific speed workouts. Will probably bump up to the 80 to 90 mpw range at some point.
    I also think that doing the majority of my workouts in the Kinvaras, Cortanas and type A4s has helped. Your calf muscles will get stronger with use of a shoe with a lower heel to forefoot ratio.

  13. the one thing with my training though, was after a week of pounding out the miles in flats and lower shoes, when I would do the long runs in the launch (which isn't really a traditional trainer but a lightweight trainer), it definitely felt like a reward of some kind. It was kind of nice to have a little extra padding under the foot. I also made sure that I incorporated some training on grass and dirt throughout the cycle to get off the roads, and at least once a week I would do a run of 4-6 miles on grass barefoot at an easy pace (usually about 7:30 avg). This was usually on Thursdays. While I think the low profile is helpful, I have tried to be careful to not let my knees take too much of the brunt of training often in them. And yes, people who promote minimalist training will say you shouldn't get knee issues if "you're doing it right" but overuse is overuse, no matter the shoe.

  14. Happy Birthday Mai-An and Keith!! And Happy Belated Birthday Austin.

  15. Way to go Miami halfers!!

  16. Never running in South Florida again. So hot --So humid -- So many bridges. Gave up time goal at mile 8 because I thought I was going to pass out from heat exhaustion, and I wanted to at least cross the finish line.
    Bright spot--saw the top 3 men and women of the Oregon running program--awesome.
    Plus I am now a Rock & Roll Rock Legend!!!

  17. Congrats to Kelly and George! FL heat and humidity is no joke. Great job, you two!

    For this Saturday -- how far is everyone going? I need to get serious about mileage. I'm due for a 17 miler, but wouldn't mind easing back into running somewhere closer to 12-14 miles, around 11:00 pace. If everyone else is going short, I can always plan to go out an hour or so beforehand.

  18. Ah, I just realized there were two more RnR Miami finishers -- congrats Melissa and Mike!

  19. Melissa is my niece and Mike is her husband. It was Melissa's first half marathon, and she was amazing!

  20. April- I have 7 @ 11 min. pace on Sat, but i do 5:1 run/walk..if that works for you, i could meet you at your halfway point. let me know!

  21. mandy, thanks but i now have a nasty cold and i'm afraid of what it might feel like to breathe in cold air for that long. i'm going to hit the treadmill instead. :( have fun!