Sunday, October 7, 2012

10/7/12 - Steamtown Marathon Special!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2012 Steamtown Marathon!  Below are the finishing times for all of the Rogue Racers...

  • April Freeburn - 5:13:40 (PR)
  • Keith Freeburn - 2:47:41 (PR, 2nd in his division)
  • Tim Kutz - 3:27:33 (PR)
  • Kevin Maggs - 3:38:10
  • George Paul - 3:32:34 (PR)
  • John Sharp - 4:33:46 (PR)
  • Nancy Sharp - 4:40:51 (PR)
  • Ashley Taylor - 4:36:33 (PR)
  • Hannah Williams - 4:30:36 (PACER)
  • Justin Williams - 4:30:37 (PR)

Keith, photo courtesy of XK
Tim, photo courtesy of XKP
George, photo courtesy of XKP
John, photo courtesy of XKP

Nancy, photo courtesy of XKP

April, photo courtesy of XKP
Hannah & Justin, photo courtesy of XKP


  1. Awesome job everyone! That was a blast. We've got to plan another destination marathon in 2013.

  2. Congratulations to everyone. Thanks for making it such an exciting event to spectate.
    An especially BIG CONGRATS to Justin who gritted it out to finish his first marathon in massive pain--way to go. Now it's time to rehab properly so you can do it again--pain free.

  3. Thanks Kelly! I've enjoyed a week off from running, and lots of fatty foods as a reward! Maybe I'll hit the track Monday again so I don't feel too guilty for the milkshake i just ate :)

  4. Kelly and I signed up for the Goblin Gallop this weekend. On November 4 there is a small 5K race in Farifax. Any interest in doing it?

  5. We are all be at the Goblin Gallop. Three kids for the fun run and 2 adults for the has to watch the kids. ;-)

    I will check out the Nov 4th 5K...looks tempting.

  6. Hey all- Hannah and I will be working the timing for the Goblin Gallop, so we will see some of you all there.

    Anyone up for track tonight at FFX? I "should" get off work on time and be able to make it

  7. I am thinking about it...are you heading over around 6:30?