Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week of 10/17/11 - 10/23/11

It's official!  The name of our spring road race will be... drum roll please... Run Rogue 5K.  Thank you to everyone for all of your votes these past couple of weeks.  Peter, Mandy, and I have been working hard to get the race planning started, and we will provide everyone with more updates as they are available.  Speaking of races, today's races are still underway, but results will posted on the website as soon as they are available.

Workouts for this week:

  • 10/17/11 - 6:30pm workout at Chantilly HS (Coach Peter will provide workout)
  • 10/18/11 - 8:30pm workout at Fairfax HS
  • 10/19/11 - n/a
  • 10/20/11 - 8:30pm workout at Chantilly HS
  • 10/21/11 - n/a
  • 10/22/11 - 8:00am workout at the W&OD trail (Distances from 4 - 8 miles)
  • 10/23/11 - n/a

Happy training,



  1. I'm ready to run rogue! That's going to be a lot of fun. I think this will be the beginning of something great. Maybe a Run Rogue Race series!?

  2. Guys, congratulations on your runs this morning! Keith, that was a sweet PR! You ran 11 minutes and 48 seconds faster than you ran the New Orleans 1/2 last February. It looks like all of your hard work has definitely paid off. I can't wait to see your marathon time!

  3. Nice run tonight everybody. That was a tough track workout! Peter, I liked doing the 200's. Next time we'll have to try the 16 x 200m before the 2 x 2000m! :-)

  4. Thanks Holly. It was a great day to race and I had a blast. I was able to run sub 60 for the 10 mile for the first time and because there were three of us so close together during the last 5k I was able to keep the pace in the 5:50s/mile range.
    Also met a lot of good people at the race and will hopefully be able to get some of them to come out and run with us at some point.
    I have to give Peter a lot of credit as well. Our runs over the winter and during the tough parts of the summer have really helped. We tend to talk during the runs and sort of plan how we're going to achieve our short and long term running goals. So far we've been getting closer to reaching them.
    Oh yeah, ran 5 miles at the spooky Chantilly track on my own then did another 4 at the gym. Going for 70+ miles this week.

  5. keith, I'm running 18 on saturday morning, and 22ish next saturday (last long run); let me know if you want to meet up.

  6. Adam,

    I think you and I are about one week off. I'm going to try for 20 to 22 early Sunday and shorten it the next weekend. I'm going to try to upgrade (or downgrade) from the 1/2 to the full in Savannah when I get to the packet pickup.
    Maybe we can head out for a good recovery run in late November/early December. Are you planning on running a spring marathon?

  7. Sean and I will be doing an easy 5 to 6 at Centreville track at 8:15 tonight. Then I will head to Lifetime to do another 5 or 6 on the dreadmill. Come out and join the fun. Sorry about the late notice.

  8. We are back. So great to be home. Hope to see everyone on Saturday.

  9. Welcome back Kelly and George. I saw a pistachio commercial featuring a honeybadger...reminded me of you guys.

    How were the French Polynesian islands?

  10. Welcome back Kelly and George. Won't be there Saturday but see you Monday at track?

  11. Good to have you guys back! Now let's get ready for Savannah. April will be at the long run tomorrow to do approx 16. I will be running with Peter tonight at ffx track at 8:15. Only got 8 in last night so going for 10 to 12 tonight, 7 tomorrow and 22 Sunday. Yahoo! Still will end up with 10+ less miles than Adam.