Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week of 10/31/11 - 11/6/11: Rogue Racers Win 1st in Goblin Gallop Team Competition!

The Rogue Racers won 1st place in the Goblin Gallop 5K team competition today thanks to Keith, Sean, Peter, and Hannah.  The roads at Fairfax Corner were icy, and half of the team missed the start of the race, but we still managed to pull off the team win.  Way to go!

We also had Rogue Racers competing in the ice and snow at the Gettysburg 1/2 in Pennsylvania this morning and at the Marine Corps Marathon downtown.  Tom managed to run his 2nd fastest marathon, and fastest MCM, today in 4:11:00.  He said the best part about the race was getting to meet Drew Carey, who ran a pretty decent time of 4:37:10 (although not as fast as Oprah).  Full race results are posted on our website.

If anyone is looking for another 5K in November, please consider running the Multiple Myeloma Race for Research 5K.  My friend Shauna is raising money in honor of a family member, and all race registration fees will count towards her team total.  Click here to read more about Team Petesake.  For more information about other upcoming races that the Rogue Racers are participating in, please check the "Races" section of our website (and please let me know if the list needs to be updated).

Workouts for this week:

  • Monday 10/31/11 - no group workout (Happy Halloween!)
  • Tuesday 11/1/11 - 8:30pm at Fairfax HS track
  • Wednesday 11/2/11 - 6:00pm at Chantilly HS track
  • Thursday 11/3/11 - 8:30pm at Fairfax HS track
  • Friday 11/4/11 - no group workout
  • Saturday 11/5/11 - 8am at W&OD trail in Vienna (various distances)
  • Sunday 11/6/11 - no group workout

Happy training, 



  1. Way to go Rogue Racers. Great team win today on a not so easy course!!!

  2. Great job team! I'm proud of you guys!!!

  3. Great work you guys on your team win.

  4. We had a pretty small group at the track tonight, but we had an awesome workout. I think everyone came in under their assigned splits! We even had music from the Chantilly HS band and a couple of cheers from the Team Z folks to give us motivation! Thanks Peter for the good workout. Hopefully these track workouts will pay off on the 13th!

  5. Yes, fun workout. Nice to have the lights on and the music playing. Good last speedwork session before Savannah. Now will do 3 easy tonight and 3 easy tomorrow morning with some strides then off to GA. Saturday afternoon is going to be so painful.

  6. Goblin Gallop pics are on the web and there is a cute one of Holly and Kelly under the RR tent!
    Check it out. Its on the second page.
    BTW -If anyone ever gets the itch to run on Sat before 8am...I am willing to run with you!

  7. Doing the Jug Bay 10k this Saturday, one of the last in the RacePacket series. I may do the 16.25 mile race the following week (gulp!).

  8. Awesome! Good luck tomorrow at your race! Would 16.25 miles be your longest race?

  9. Hey guys. Savannah is over and the Rogues had a good time. The driving winds were tough during the last 10k (4 miles on a highway and overpasses)but George and I were still able to get PR's. Kelly ran very close to her 1/2 marathon PR. April ran 16 overall but had to drop out due to back pain (she's had a bad cold this whole week).
    Now we're off to see Savannah in a trolley rather than on our feet. Then back home for more speedwork.

  10. Hey Keith! You PR'ed by 40 minutes and 59 seconds, George PR'ed by 1 minute and 24 seconds, and Kelly PR'ed by 30 seconds! :-)

  11. 10k is the longest race I've ever done. Haven't really trained for a Metric Marathon.