Thursday, August 4, 2011

Week of 8/1/11 - 8/7/11

The week is almost over, but we still have two more workouts to squeeze in.  In addition, we need to figure out the track situation.

Workouts for the rest of this week:

  • Saturday 8/6/11 - 7am long run at the W&OD trail (various distances)
  • Sunday 8/7/11 - 8am bike ride at the W&OD trail

As for the track workout this coming Monday, we need to figure out if we want to meet at Fairfax HS or Centreville HS until Chantilly opens back up in September.  If everyone could respond to this blog post, we can get an idea of who wants to go where.  Maybe we can alternate between the two sites until September?

See everyone on Saturday!



  1. Good morning, everybody. Here are a couple things to ponder as we begin to plan our 2012 schedules …

    1)For those of us thinking about the Niagara Ultra in June, here is a humorous race report from the White River 50-miler (

    2)If anyone is interested in trying out a medium-distance triathlon, I’m thinking about registering for Rev3 Knoxville (which George did this year). They have an Olympic (.9 mile swim, 24.8 mile bike, and 6.2 mile run) and a half-Ironman (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run). It’s on May 6th, so there should be plenty of recovery time before Niagara. (

  2. Mark-
    What about our own Reston Triathlon? Olympic distance only.
    I always wanted to do that race? Holly ....are you still gonna do it with me? It is in September. Date TBD for 2012.

  3. I will do the Reston tri next year ... unless anyone wants to do Ironman Pays D'Aix 70.3 in Provence, France ...

  4. I vote for Centreville HS (but would be happy to alternate with Fairfax HS)

  5. My vote is for Fairfax HS - but would also be happy to alternate!

  6. I vote for C-ville H.S. b/c the FFX track is packed with that track team doing their practice in all the lanes except lane one. However, I think most of my runs are now going to be 8:30 or later so my opinion shouldn't matter.
    I'll be on the treadmill at 4AM tomorrow at Lifetime if anyone wants to show up and share in the suffering. 5 mile progression run.

  7. No thanks Keith!!
    I could do either Fairfax or Centreville.

    The Ironman in provence sounds a spectator! ;-)

    Are you running tomorrow? What distance? Anyone running shorter than 13 mile marathon training?

  8. Hey guys, just got back from my stress test and 3D imaging of my heart. First off, got my true resting heart rate...42 BPM! Doctor said everything looks great. Great rhythm from the heart, great response to exercise, great recovery, etc. Won't get everything back until next week as the cardiolists will be reviewing the 3D diagrams together. My calves were burning during the test though, but it was fun to test myself like that. Cleared to get back to exercise as usual!

  9. Nancy: I think Kelly and I are going to run 8 miles Saturday.

    Mark: I liked the Knoxville race. I am thinking of Hawaii 70.3 in June '12 because part of the course is on Queen Ka'ahumanu Highway, the Kona Ironman course. Also waiting to see what good stuff Rev3 comes up with next year.

    Bob: Welcome Back! I am sure running with Hannah will be much harder than a silly old stress test. :)

  10. Alright Bob! 42 bpm, that is world class.
    We still on to break 21 in Sept.?

    Had my gait analysis done by Maggs the other day. A lot of fun, some tweaking to do but overall my form is quite good, phew...

  11. Hi everyone:

    I prefer Centreville since it is closest to my abode. I am doing 13 miles tomorrow, and debating whether to hit the gym or doing it out in that 90% humidity. Fun! Fun! Fun!

  12. Guys, I'm thinking about going to The Running Store this Thursday for their presentation on Barefoot/Minimalistic running. Never met Dr. Mags before, and hear you guys talk about him a lot. It'd be nice to put a face to the name. I'm going to RSVP, anyone else interested in going with me? I know I may be only barefoot Rogue Racer, but there are definitely a few of us who are intrigued by minimalistic running.

  13. Here's a sweet video that the assistant director of the Steamtown Marathon included in his last email:

    Bob, I would love to join you at the presentation on Thursday, but the 11th is Mark's birthday and I'm pretty sure he will want to celebrate with some sort of fatty feast! :-)

  14. I vote fairfax... They have bathrooms!!

  15. Holly, seeing how this week is Mark's birthday and he's in for some sort of fatty feast, I'd like to suggest that we try this:

    I've been DYING to go try this!!! Anyone else interested?!?

  16. bob- that sandwich sounds discusting... I thought maybe it was because I first looked at it yesterday morning after eating a rather large breafast, but I just pulled up the photo again, and still not craving it.

    Guess that's the american version of the Austrailian OMG Double Double Burger: weighing in at a meager 1,434 calories!