Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week of 8/29/11 - 9/4/11

What could be more exciting than surviving an earthquake and a hurricane in the same week?  A DIAMOND!  Congratulations to Hannah and Justin who got engaged this past week in Philadelphia.  

Training schedule for this week:
  • Monday 8/29/11 - 6:30pm track workout at Fairfax High School
    • 10-20 min. warmup
    • 1-K, 2-K, 1-K, 1-K (400m RI)
    • 10 min. cooldown
    • pace chart
  • Tuesday 8/30/11 - 8:30pm track workout at Fairfax High School
    • check with Keith or Peter for more details
  • Wednesday 8/31/11 - 6:30pm tempo run at Fairfax Corner
    • 6 mile run: 1 mile easy, 5 miles @ MT pace
  • Thursday 9/1/11 - 8:30pm track workout at Fairfax High School
    • check with Keith or Peter for more details
  • Friday 9/2/11
    • OFF
  • Saturday 9/3/11 - 6:00am or 7:30am long run at W&OD trail
    • 6:00am for 20+ miler start
    • 7:30am for all others (either a 6 mile or a 12 mile option)

Be sure to check out the training page of our website.  I have added several strength training routines, including the Myrtl routine, to the page.  Also, here is a fun video that was highlighted in the most recent email from the directors of the Steamtown Marathon.

Happy training, 



  1. Can somebody get me that hat? Holy crap. That is amazing. I want to see somebody from this group finish Steamtown like that.

    Congrats Hannah and Justin!!!

  2. Congratulations on the engagement Hannah and Justin. When is the lucky day? I have only one other question and that is to Justin. How did you manage to catch her? She's so fast!!!

  3. Who's going to the track workout tonight? Is it at Fairfax instead of Centreville?

  4. Mark-
    The schedule says Fairfax HS?
    I was going to try and make it...but you are too slow for me anyway... ;-)

    Congrats Hannah & Justin!!!

  5. Haha Tom, we walked around Philly all day so she was too tired to run away!

    Holly said fairfax this week since we didn't know if Chantilly was opened back up yet- and probably Chantilly next week? Either way, we will be there tonight.

  6. I'll be at Fairfax, far as I know Chantilly is still closed, they have 1/4 of the field left to finish.

  7. I made it into Steamtown!!!

  8. I have a gift certificate for $15 at Fleet Feet Sports (1841 Columbia Rd. NW Wash D.C.). Expires 9-27-11. Free to the first taker.

  9. Congratulations Justin. Marathon here you come.

  10. Congrats Justin and Hannah! That is great news guys. We are very exited for the both of you.

    I've been so excited about running in Maui, but it just hasn't happened. I rested my knee about 4 days and ran on it last Thursday in Piedmont (close to Oakland). I thought I'd be better, but 3 miles in, I had major knee pains again. I finished my 4 miles that day, but haven't ran on it since. It just does not feel right. I'm worried about it because steamtown is not that far away. I'll definitely have to see someone when I get back. This is horrible. I dont want to keep running on it mainly because it causes me to limp around for 2-3 days, and I just can't afford to do that since we have a lot to do in Maui.

  11. Is the foam roll working, Bob? My knee to hip (so IT band?) has been pulling tight lately so I've been foam rolling and popping 600mg of Ibuprofen and it's been a little better. Also, my ART/Chiro recommended taking some Vitamin B12- she said it helps relax nerves and muscles...

  12. PVTC has a meet this weekend that includes a track 5k on Saturday and 1 mile and 3k on Sunday. I'm thinking of taking one more chance at a sub 5 mile. Ran 5:01 in The Running Store's prediction mile tonight. Sean ran a 4:57!!

  13. Twice in a row at just a hair over 5:00 flat, amazingly consistent, third time is the charm?
    Way to go Sean! Fall racing season will certainly be exciting to watch.

    Thinking of doing the long run Saturday, provided I sleep well.

  14. I will be there early on Saturday ready to go. Debbie is shooting for 10 miles on that day so she may show-up with me to start earlier to avoid the heat later. Peter, I hope you come and run it. Bob, I am sorry about the knee. You might want to try the Myrtl routine that Holly posted on the training page. It will strengthen your hips and glutes and that hepled me with my ITB issue. I do 3 sets of each exercise. Let's put it this way, it couldn't hurt. See everyone Saturday...

  15. Just wanted to say thank you to my group of pacers this morning. Kelly, George, and Leah were all kind enough to slow down to my 20 mile pace to try and distract me from the task at hand. To make matters worse, they joined me for the last 12 miles of my run (when my legs were not so fresh). Either way... that's what friends are for! Thanks guys! :-)

  16. I had fun on the run this morning. Will repeat the experience any time.

  17. Way to go on the 20 miles! Steamtown beware. I will be running the Chick fil a and I think Sean is going to sign up as well.
    Is the group still meeting Monday morning?

  18. Hey guys, Mark and I are not going to bike tomorrow. We are going to be lazy and sleep in! We'll see everyone on Monday morning at 9am at Centreville HS for a Labor Day track workout.

  19. Way to go on the sub-5:00 mile, Sean! Don't go too much faster or you'll make Keith feel old.

    And good luck to Keith this morning!

  20. Holly, nice job on running that 20 miles. I'm pretty jealous. We did several big hikes in Maui and each time we did, my right knee was bothering me. I'm really nervous about it and haven't ran at all. I can tell something is not quite right. I desperately need to get this checked out when I get back. We have already paid for the Chik Fil A race, I'll probably have to walk it. I'm also scared to crap that steamtown is only 5 weeks away. Not sure I'll run with my knee like this.

  21. I decided to skip the mile today and ran 15 instead. Got to get the long runs in to prep for the Heritage half and Savannah half. Want to get sub 1:18 at one of them.
    I will see everyone tomorrow morning. April will run while I watch monsters.