Monday, August 8, 2011

Week of 8/8/11 - 8/14/11

Bundle up Rogue Racers!  Going to get positively nippy later this week with highs only in the mid 80's.  Prime racing season is just around the bend, it's payback time for all those fine workouts!

In racing news Peter ran an 18:48 on the C&O Canal in the Summer Strides 5k.  Good enough for a top ten finish and 1st in age group. 

Workout wise we have a nice schedule this week:

Monday 8/8/11 - 6:30pm track workout at Centreville HS (we'll do Fairfax on the 15th)
  • 10-20 minute warmup
  • 2 x (6 x 400m) (1:30 RI) with (2:30 RI between sets)
  • 10 minute cooldown
Wednesday 8/10/11 - 6:30pm tempo run at Fairfax Corner
  • 6 mile run: 2 miles easy, 3 miles @ ST pace, 1 mile easy
Thursday 8/11/11 - 8:15 - 8:30 p.m. Keith and Peter at Fairfax High for a 6-8 mile progression run (faster with every mile)

Saturday 8/13/11 - 7am long run (varying distances of 3 through 18 miles) with location TBD

Sunday 8/14/11 - 8am bike ride at W&OD trail

Have a great week everyone, see you Monday evening! 


  1. Peter, thanks so much for taking care of the blog post this week! Also, congratulations on your 5K finish! :-)

    It was great to have so many people out at the track tonight! Don't think the Wednesday tempo run is going to be a go, so I'll look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday. Mark and I won't be at the Thursday track this week since we will be eating ice cream and cake, but maybe we'll try to make it next week!

    I'll post the location for the Saturday long run later in the week, although it sounds like we will be back at the W&OD.

  2. Long run on the W&OD? What happened to the C&O Canal? I though Mark wanted to run there and then go out to lunch to celebrate his that a no go?

    BTW, to all Rogue Racers, I got an email from runningwarehouse today regarding sale on select running shoes (including certain sale shoes). It's 25% additional off, but I think you have to use the link in the email. Let me know if you are interested, and I'll forward the email to you.

  3. Peter,

    I'll see you at ffx track around 8:15-8:30. Go easy on me. Had a challenging workout in Gainesville last night. By the way, my weight is at 142 with the added 10 miles per week.
    If anyone is interested I'm seriously thinking of running the Leesburg 10k on Sunday. Looks like the weather will be nice.

  4. Hey Keith. Is Leesburg a flat course? I'm probably going to do the Vibha 5k (out of nostalgia, first race I broke 20) in Reston, really enjoyed it last time. Good job on the weight, the bounce back from the summer slow down starts now!

  5. I can't believe I forgot to mention this earlier, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK!!!

  6. Happy birthday Mark!!! you're almost in the sub-masters category now.

  7. Thanks, guys - I'm looking forward to a big, fat feast after Saturday's 18-miler!

  8. Ditto, have a great Birthday Mark!

  9. 7am for tomorrow's long run at the W&OD? Mark had suggested doing 4.5 each way? That way the people who don't want to run 18 could stop at 9 miles or sooner. What do you think?

  10. By the way, it's supposed to be a cool 67 degrees at the start tomorrow! :-)

  11. I would also throw my vote to the C&O canal for tomorrow's run. Mark will need a birthday cupcake afterward, right? The birthday boy can decide. Starbucks also has cupcakes, tho they are sub-par. ;)

  12. I definitely prefer the C&O trail to the W&OD, but given that we’ve got several people making their first attempt at the 18-mile distance, the comfort and convenience of the Vienna may be the better option. Even though the heat and humidity won’t be as oppressive, it will be nice to have a refill station at the parking lot. Additionally, the W&OD is more suited to Steamtown training: if we take the first 4.5 miles east, we’ll have a largely downhill 9-mile midsection when we turn back west, and we’ll finish with a 4.5 uphill challenge.

    As for post-run calorie replenishment, Bob suggested Luke’s Lobster ( for soups, salads, and sandwiches (after the regular Starbucks treats). Please let us know if you want to join us.

    And if no one wants to run at C&O this week, I would definitely like to do it next week. We can hit Baked and Wired in Georgetown and then stop at Northside Social on the way home for lunch …

  13. noted: luke's lobster is dangerously close to red velvet. good call!

    W&OD this week, C&O next. Sounds like a plan!

    I'll see you all tomorrow!

  14. I'm up for either one, W&OD or C&O. It really doesn't matter to me.

    I suggested Luke's Lobster because I thought we'd be in the district. We don't HAVE to go there...although I won't say no to a Lobster Roll. Fair warning though, the place is very small. There's just enough room for us Rogue Racers...and that's it.

    So is EVERYONE started at 7 on the W&OD at Vienna tomorrow? I just want to confirm for Mai-An when the short runs are starting.

  15. I will be heading out early tomorrow morning at around 5:30 AM. Debbie is going to do eight so I want to ensure she's okay on her run. She's really improving trying to get ready for the Woodrow Wilson Bridge half on October 2nd that we are doing. See you guys on Monday, I hope!!!

  16. Will be at trail 7am tomorrow to run short mileage..I think 5 is what Holly said.
    Sorry I had not been checking the blog...
    See you tomorrow am.

  17. Going to run the Leesburg 10k in the rain tomorrow! Will be a welcome break from the hot and humid races of the summer.

    If anyone is interested in a road trip, I will be running a race sponsored by Shenandoah University's PT program in Winchester. It is the Green Circle 5k on Oct. 1.

  18. Nice job on the run today, Rogue Racers! Tom and Debbie, I'm not sure how your runs went, but hopefully they were good as well! I had fun running with April for the first 7 miles of my 18 miler. Just wanted to let everyone know that she set a 10 miler PR on her training run today! Also, wanted to congratulate Bob on his first 18 miler. Pretty successful morning.

    I've rambled on long enough, but I want to make sure To wish Kelly and George good luck in the Chicago Rock 'n' Roll half marathon tomorrow... Good luck!!!

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  20. My legs, they are a hurt. BTW, Lobster rolls were delicious. Mark ate enough to feed a small village in the rice farms of Vietnam, impressive. Sorry Holly, I didn't know that you hate seafood! You should have told me.

    Kelly and George, good luck on your race tomorrow! Do me a favor while you're in Chicago, go to Portillo's and get an Italian hot beef sandwich...jealous.

  21. ...and when you're done at Portillo's go to Gino's East and get a deep dish. Have fun out there and good luck!

  22. Keith, I completely agree! Go to Gino's East and get the Meaty Legend...soooooo good.

  23. Congrats to Peter on the #2 overall at the Vibha 5k. Even though it was cooler out it was still a difficult day to race and to pull out a #2 overall is awesome. Can't wait for fall racing to begin.