Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week of 9/19/11 - 9/25/11

The race results for this weekend are posted.  Yesterday Keith and Peter both set PR's in the Run!Geek!Run! 8K and Leah also set a PR in the SavageMan 30.0 Triathlon.  Bob and BethAnn both ran the Air Force Marathon, and BethAnn even managed to squeak in right under the four hour mark.  Today Kelly and George completed their fifth Rock 'n' Roll race, earning them an additional series medal.  And, if setting a PR wasn't enough for her, Leah participated in a relay team for the SavageMan 70.0 this morning and raced the 1.2 mile swim for her team.  Nice racing this weekend, Rogue Racers!

The 18th Annual Goblin Gallop is right around the corner.  This year they are going to be hosting a team competition.  It should be very similar to the one that we participated in on July 4th, but this time there are three separate categories as well as an award for the largest team.  I put a call into the race organizer to see if our group should register for the team competition as an organization or as a group of friends.  I will try to find an answer by Monday since the cost of registration is only $20 through Tuesday.  On Wednesday, September 21st the price increases.


  • Monday 9/19/11 - 8:30pm at Chantilly HS track
  • Tuesday 9/20/11 - 8:30pm at Chantilly HS track
  • Wednesday 9/21/11 - 6:30pm at Fairfax Corner
    • tell us (via the blog) if you are attending
  • Thursday 9/22/11 - 8:30pm at Chantilly HS track
  • Friday 9/23/11 - OFF
  • Saturday 9/24/11 - 7am long run at W&OD trail (4-20 mile groups)


Happy training, 



  1. Congrats to Peter for setting the age group 50-54 course record at the Run Geek Run 8k!

  2. Seriously? Peter, that is amazing! Congratulations!

    Also, I just wanted to let everyone know that I won't be at track tomorrow and Mark is out of town again. I'm going to try to come to the Tuesday night 8:30pm track workout instead.

  3. I will not be able to make track at 8:30pm on Monday. I think it will be pretty dark by then too. I am going earlier and probably to Centreville HS.

  4. Almost forgot...congratulations Keith and Peter on those PRs Great work. Good job BethAnn on your Airfroce Marathon.

  5. Sounds good, Tom! :-) I've got a big test on Thursday, so I need to study tonight otherwise Hannah is going to get mad at me if I show up to study group tomorrow unprepared! And you don't want to see her when she's mad!

  6. Congrats to all Rogue Racers on their performances this weekend!
    Count us (all four) in for the Goblin Gallop..we love that race!!

  7. Congratulations Leah, that had to have felt good. Another notch in the pole for the energizer team of Kelly and George, don't know how you guys do it. Holly, plagerizing my comment on BethAnn is verboten, I want a royalty payment! Keith, "just" another outstanding performance, you're going to be a monster these coming months!

  8. Wow, so much good news. Congrats to Peter, Leah, George, and Kelly. Amazing.

    Out of curiosity, is anyone running today? Mai-An and I both plan to come run at the track. 8:30 is a bit late though, I'm certain it will be very dark by then. If you plan to go tonight and can go earlier (anytime is good, we are both at home today), let us know.

  9. I won't be at track tonight (Monday). We will just be getting back into town Monday afternoon and running the Rocky steps and jumping up & down at the Brett Michaels concert did me in.

  10. I'll be at the track around 8-8:15.

  11. I'll try to get there around 8:15. The field hockey game might still be going at that time. We can run around the school for a warmup.

    Also, April will be running the Run like the wind 5k at 6PM on Saturday in Warrenton (she's catching the 5k bug). Peter and I are doing the Kensington 8k that morning. Come on out and join us for one of the races.

  12. May you run like the wind April!

    This is my "free" weekend, anybody have good suggestions for races to film near Fairfax?

  13. Great video Holly, talk about digging deep!

  14. Hey all, just wanted to let everyone know that we decided to register for the Goblin Gallop as an "organization". So, if you plan on doing the race please put your team as "Rogue Racers".

    Peter, what about the Warhawk 5K at James Madison?

  15. Bob, I'm adding barefoot running to my workouts. Plan is to do 10-15 miles of it a week. Since my feet are not battle hardened I will use the artificial turf at Chantilly or FHS. I'm convinced this is one of the essentials to becoming a better runner.

  16. Justin and I are thinking about trying our 20 miler on the Fairfax High School track tomorrow night. My IT band felt really good after last night at the track, and I think the flat surface might have had something to do with it. So, in an effort to get in one last long run, Justin and I are going to test our mental abilities by running in circles (lots of circles). If anyone wants to come up and join us for some of the miles, we will probably start running a little before 5pm. And, because we are not trying to set any records, we will be there a REALLY long time!

  17. Peter, I think it's awesome that you are starting to barefoot run. It's a great way to train other muscles in your feet/legs to be more efficient. My only piece of advice would be to take it slow and make sure you let the feet heal before the next barefoot run. You're legs and ankles should be fine if you're used to midfoot or forefoot striking. The only issues may be developing the skin on the balls of your feet. Just remember to touch your heal to the ground after the strike and before the next stride.

    Holly and Justin, you guys are insaneballs. Good luck on the 20 mile run around the track. I'm not sure if that's a test of mental abilities or a sure fire way to make yourself go mental. I hope the rain holds off, because that's probably the only thing that could make it worse.

    Lastly, it looks like my IT Band is getting MUCH MUCH MUCH better. Yesterday was the first time I've been able to run more than 3 miles with absolutely no pain. And I've ran multiple times this week already (first time for that as well). So I'm feeling much better, but unwilling to push too hard too fast. Thinking about joining the shorter run this Saturday. Maybe run a 4-6 miler. Doesn't matter the pace, so if anyone is going on Saturday and wants to do a shorter distance, please let me know.

  18. Holly and Justin- How did that 20 miler go on the track?
    I hope you alternated directions. Did you get dizzy.That is CRAAAZZYY!

    I would like to run on Saturday..but is anyone interested in earlier than 7am...I know..YIKES!! Even 6:45 am would be better cuz we all know a 7am start means a 7:15 or later start. I have a wedding at 10am and need to showered and respectable and in Manassas. I would probably only be able to squeeze in 4.
    If there are no takers, I will have to skip Saturday.

  19. Holly, Got a race Saturday, otherwise I probably would have joined you on the 20 miler. It isn't that bad on the track, you lapse into a meditative state when alone or just chat away the miles with a partner. Part of the reason I do so much on the track is because it keeps me injury free. Bob...thanks for the tips, skin isn't an issue on astroturf but can be on the treadmill. My heel never touches on the treadmill but does make contact near the end on the turf. Doing barefoot 3 days a week so far on my way to building up to 15.

  20. Holly and Justin, how did the 20 miler go? Did you guys actually run it?

    Nancy, while I do enjoy running with you guys, that time is just too early for me. I think I'll stay home and enjoy looking at the insides of my eyelids during that time. Mai and I may go run later and possibly indoors if it rains all day.

  21. Keith got a nice double mention in the Run Washington Report, check it out!

  22. April got 2nd in her age group at her 5k in Warrenton this evening! She ran a PR of 27:55 on a hilly course.