Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week of 9/5/11 - 9/11/11

Congratulations to Peter for setting a new record yesterday.  He ran the fastest 26.2 miles ever run on the Fairfax High School track.  The record is unofficial, but I'm fairly certain nobody has ever attempted to run a marathon that fast on that track before.  Way to go, Peter!


  • Monday 9/5/11 - 9am track workout at Centreville HS
    • 10-20 minute warmup
    • 3 x 1600 (400m RI)
    • 10 minute cooldown
  • Tuesday 9/6/11 - 8:30pm track workout at Fairfax HS
    • check with Keith or Peter for more details
  • Wednesday 9/7/11 - tempo run (location and time TBD)
    • 10 miles @ MP
  • Thursday 9/8/11 - 8:30pm track workout at Fairfax HS
    • check with Keith or Peter for more details
  • Friday 9/9/11 - 
    • OFF
  • Saturday 9/10/11 - see options below
    • 7am long run at W&OD trail; various distances of 4,8, or 15 miles (check with Kelly for more details)
    • 8am Chick-fil-A 5K
    • 10:30am team brunch at Whole Food Fair Lakes (anyone interested?)
  • Sunday 9/11/11 - bike ride at W&OD trail (time TBD)

For anyone who is running a marathon this fall, or anyone who needs a little training motivation, check out the video below.  This video was recommended by the directors of the Steamtown Marathon, and I will warn you that I got a little teary eyed while watching.

Tom also sent me a great video this week that captures the events of the 2011 Shamrock Marathon.  Enjoy!

Happy training, 



  1. Hi all :-) Hope you're having a good weekend! I ventured home to swim & bike the Savage(Internat'l) courses. Both workouts were awesome and my legs felt the strongest they have ever felt on that course. the swim was a bit rough but so fun, labor day weekend at DCL=lots, and lots of boat traffic! Who knows, water very well may be choppy on September 17th, right?! Have missed all of you; so glad to be back & running with the Rogue Racer crew!

  2. Retraction!

    I cramped up badly at the 10 mile mark (stomach) and had to bail. I'll try again when I have a two week break in between races.

  3. I will be doing my Tempo at the Gym tomorrow. I know it's 10 miles on a treadmill but I've done worse. Marathon pace won't last that long...I Hope???

  4. I'll also be doing my 10 mile run on the treadmill tomorrow. Tom, my run will last a little longer than your run, but it definitely won't be the longest treadmill run we've done. I can recall doing 20+ mile runs on the treadmill in preparation for the Shamrock marathon several times. I think we even did one next to Dr. Bob at Lifetime once didn't we? :-)

  5. Went to see Dr. Maggs (Kristine) yesterday morning and she confirmed it's my ITB. She stretched out my hip quite a bit (yes, I was sweaty and almost in tears). Afterwards, she had my hip on a heating pad and iced my knee. Either way, I'm not sure when I can run again. I have to stick to my ITB strengthening exercises and the elliptical for a while. I'm going back next Thursday for a follow up and a gait analysis. So now...I'm real nervous about Steamtown. She says I can probably still run it, but let's take it slowly and see how I progress next week. This sucks.

  6. Welcome back, Bob. On a serious note, sorry to hear about the ITB/Knee issue, that is really not cool and very discouraging :( On a lighter side, put some shoes on and stop getting older ;)

    Hope it gets better quick. I know some AWESOME PT Students who may be able to help too!


    I think Hannah and I are going to attempt the 15 miles this weekend. I got into Steamtown, so I guess I need to take the mileage more seriously now. Anyone else game for any/all portions of the 15?

  7. FYI, she told me to keep running without the shoes :). Just may need to fix the actual striking, it may be going to far across my body. I think that's the same issue Tom had. I may have to start running by straddling a line!

  8. Bob, Keeping it on a flat surface for a while helps as well. When I had ITB friction syndrome the hills would exacerbate the symptoms and it lingered. There's less glut (attaches to and pulls on ITB) work performed on the flat surfaces and less friction where the ITB crosses over the lateral femoral condyle. Good luck with the rehab. It's not fun but the good news is that you can get rid of it and eventually get back into running as normal.

  9. Bob, get a grid. great for helping in the rehab and maintenance.

    @holly; hayley is running the Ft. Eustis (Mulberry Island) Half marathon Sept 24. I am running the Stonewall Jackson 20 miler in Spotsy Oct 8 and Richmond Half Marathon Nov 12. Maybe another race or two in there.

  10. Team, Mai-An and I are signed up for the Chic-Fil-A 5k tomorrow morning and because of my injury I will unable to run. I have contacted the race committee and they have agreed to let me sub someone else in for my 5k tomorrow. If anyone on the team is interested please let me know. I will love to see my entry fee not go to waste if possible. Don't worry, no need to pay for it, just go run...don't waste the fee!! Call me if you guys are interested. My number is 703.395.0697.

  11. I will be doing the 15 miles. What pace are you going or are you just interested in finishing?

  12. Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that Peter took my entry for Chik-Fil-A. I'll see you guys tomorrow.

  13. Good luck at the big race tomorrow everybody!! Should be a good PR course. Might be crowded since they sold out. Now we know how to sell out a race. Get Chick fil a on board!

  14. Way to go Rogue Racers! Congrats to Peter on the PR. That was a fun race with some seriosly fast elites at the front. I think 5 people averaged less than 5 min/mile.

  15. Great job Rogue Racers! It was fun waiting at the finish line and seeing you guys sweat your butts off. Congrats to Keith and Peter on the PR's! Beautiful day for a race, I'm pretty jealous I didn't get to run.

  16. Well done Keith, the summer drought is over! Seems to be a pattern here of PR's in April/May than a long wait until the next one in late August/September.

    Bob, great job on the video, the finish is now loaded;

    Will be uploading start and clips for awards later today.

  17. Peter and Bob,
    Great finish video! Thought you should know that my kids thought the best part was 10 minutes into the video when the Chick fil a cow rides through the finish. Belly laughing and yelling "play it again."