Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week of 3/26/12 - 4/1/12

Woohoo!  We put on an amazing race this past Saturday.  Thank you for all of your help!  Everyone did an amazing job of managing their stations, and I know that without all of your hard work yesterday morning, the race would not have been possible.

Coach Peter has been working hard on posting race videos and photos, and although there are still a couple hundred photos left to be posted, there are good number already up on his site!

Bob Vuong also took some photos that he wanted me to share with everyone.

This week's workouts are a little weird since there are no tracks open on Monday night.  So, here are the workouts for this week:

  • Monday 3/26/12 - 6:30pm 5 mile run at Fairfax Corner
  • Tuesday 3/27/12 - n/a
  • Wednesday 3/28/12 - 6:30pm track workout at Chantilly HS
    • 3 laps to warm-up (0.75 mile)
    • 4 sets of 300m-100m-300m-100m-300m-100m-300m-100m
    • 400m easy recovery between sets
    • 3 laps to cool-down (0.75 mile)
    • 300m intervals should be run at 85% effort (5k pace)
    • 100m floats should be run at 65% effort (somewhere between 10k and marathon pace)
    • use the McMillan Running Calculator to determine your appropriate pace!
  • Thursday 3/29/12 - n/a
  • Friday 3/30/12 - n/a
  • Saturday 3/31/12 - 8am run at W&OD trail or 9am run at Burke Lake
  • Sunday 4/1/12 - 9am run at W&OD trail

Happy training, 



  1. Had a blast, I could get addicted to this!

    Fantastic organizational work Holly, never seen such a race where the volunteers were so relaxed and happy.

    I'm getting the final batch of pictures this evening, there will probably be another 100 or so event shots and 600-800 finish line pictures (combined from 3 photographers). A 4th video was posted this morning, it has the final four minutes of the finish.

  2. Excellent job everyone! As a participant, I would rate this as one of the top events I've run. The volunteers and all of the organizers and sponsors were great. Ice cream at the end of a race is awesome. Peter is right about the volunteers and everyone made it look like it was something that they had done several times, not just once. I've been to races where things are disorganized and the directors and volunteers look stressed. Not at RunRogue. Congrats! Also, the video and photos are 10x better than any other race.

  3. Mai-An, Grayson and I had a lot of fun at the race. Great job with putting on such an awesome event. We had a very nice experience with helping out and we were glad not to come in dead last walking the 5k. It was awesome to see everyone pitching in and watching the entire unfold so effortlessly (so it seemed). Great job to our race coordinators Holly and Kelly. Also, thanks to the Pauls for having us over afterwards. Mark, I need to get my visors from you. Don't try to sell them to get money back for your Vapor jacket!

  4. Interesting workout tomorrow! I like running 400s
    See everyone there

  5. Run Rogue 5K is the best race out there!! Hands down!

    I am planning to show up to track tonight with the kids. John has a late meeting....but I told him to try and come late if he can swing it.

    April/Keith - Are you coming and with the kids this time?

  6. Looks like we are slated for some storms this afternoon (between 4 and 5:30)... if they clear up are people still going? I'm in, just didnt want to be alone on the track

  7. Two more Weds. evening classes left for me to teach, then I'll be back.

  8. Unfortunately April is working late tonight so she can make up for missing work tomorrow to go on Daryl's field trip. I'm hoping we can make some future runs with the group. I want to get the kids on the track more often. Maybe we can set up family track nights at some point with the Rogue Racers?

  9. Good Workout last night Holly, my legs are sore this morning!

    Who's doing the WOD and who's doing Burke lake Saturday? I'm fancying Burke Lake just so i get the extra hour of sleep and change of scenery. But I could run there Sunday too if most people want to do WOD

  10. Hey Justin,
    I only have to do one day of running this weekend, so I will probably just do it at 9am on Saturday at Burke Lake. I think my legs need the extra day in between the long run and the track workout on Monday. That track workout yesterday made my legs feel TIRED!

  11. Bob,
    If you want your visors, you have to come out to a group run!

  12. I'm in for the Burke run at 9am. I'll do my best to keep up with you! :)

  13. George and I are running 14 miles tomorrow at the W&OD starting at 8am.
    Anyone else joining us?

  14. Who's ready for Steamtown!!!! Can't wait for all the steamy August long runs to prepare for this one. I predict some serious PR's for the Rogue Racers.