Monday, March 5, 2012

Week of 3/5/12 - 3/11/12

Workouts for this week:

  • Monday 3/5/12 - 6:30pm track workout at Chantilly HS
  • Tuesday 3/6/12 - n/a
  • Wednesday 3/7/12 - 6:30pm track workout at Fairfax HS
  • Thursday 3/8/12 - n/a
  • Friday 3/9/12 - n/a
  • Saturday 3/10/12 - 8am long run at W&OD trail
  • Sunday 3/11/12 - 9am run at Burke Lake Park

Happy training,



  1. 10 miles on the track Monday night.
    Peter thanks so much for helping me finish it out.

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  3. Hey all,
    Just to give everyone a heads up... John, Austin, Justin, and Hannah are headed down to the Four Courts Four Miler tomorrow and Nancy and I are headed to the Van Metre 5 Mile Run to do the fun run with the Mackenzie and Finn (and watch our race announcer in action). Kelly and George are doing a 20-miler on the W&OD at 8am and Mandy is joining them for the first 5-8 miles of their run.
    That's all for now!

  4. Good luck to all of the racers this weekend and to those ultra-distance crazies on the W+OD. I'll try to post any results I find from Adam's marathon today. I really think he can do some damage to the Columbia Marathon and get a great PR. I'm going to do my last session of speedwork tomorrow at the St. Patty's 8k in DC.
    Enjoy this weather!

  5. Looks like Adam finished 4th overall at the Columbia, SC Marathon. That is awesome!