Monday, January 21, 2013

Week #4: 1/21/13 - 1/27/13

We started the Run Rogue 5k in 2012 to honor two of our most competitive athletes as they battled cancer. With a generous outpouring of support from our racers, sponsors, and community members, our inaugural race had 1,115 registered participants and raised $20,000 for charity!

This year, the Run Rogue 5k will feature a wheelchair division, a stroller division, and a team competition with awards for fastest team and for largest team.  There is only a little more than a week to register for the 2013 Run Rogue 5k before prices increase.  Be sure to enter team name "Rogue Racers" if you plan to run for our team.  Hope to see you on race day!

Below is the group workout for this week:

  • Saturday 1/26/13 - 8:30am run at W&OD trail in Vienna

Happy training, 



  1. Where is the meeting location for the Saturday run?

  2. Hey Kelly,
    When we run at the W&OD trail, we meet in the little trail parking lot behind the Vienna Bargains store (132 Maple Ave. E, Vienna, VA 22180). Let us know if you are coming out so we keep an eye our for you. :-)

  3. Week #4 = 60miles for a total of 221.5.

  4. Week #4: 20 miles
    YTD: 67 miles

  5. Week #4: 0 miles
    YTD: 25.44 miles

    I know, I know... so sad!!!

  6. Week #4: 10 miles
    YTD: 50 miles

  7. Week 4 = 13 miles
    Total = 33 miles

    (maybe I should lower my goal to the 500 miles in 2013 club, I'm on track to actually make that goal).

    Ps- finally got the courage to brave the outside run today... it was -9.8 degrees celcius (14 degrees F) at 10am with a windchill of even lower. Brrrr.

  8. Week 4: 7 miles
    YTD: 46 miles

  9. Last two weeks 80 and 85.

    Ytd: 284

  10. Week #4: 20.00 miles
    Total (that I'm actually keeping track as of now) HAHA: 20.00 miles

  11. week #4: 16.5 miles
    YTD: 48.25 miles

  12. Did all of the Steamtown Marathon finishers receive their magazines in the mail today? The Rogue Racers made several photo appearances: there's a devastatingly handsome fellow on the bottom row of the first page of candids, and a super cute couple on the top row of the third page. :)

    1. Let me guess... you and Keith? :-)

    2. Keith would be that devastatingly handsome fellow.

      The super cute couple would be our favorite newlyweds, Hannah and Justin. :)

  13. Week #4: 19 miles
    YTD: 57 miles