Friday, May 13, 2011

Track Workouts Switched to Mondays

This past Wednesday the Washington Running Report published their Winter 2011 Rankings.  Our very own Peter Cini moved up 12 spots in his division from 33rd to 21st position.  Congratulations, Peter!

Peter has offered to take charge of our Monday night track workouts.  I've seen some of the workouts he has planned for us, and they are going to be a lot of fun.  I know that many people are still going to be gone this Monday, but hopefully we can get everyone in on the fun by May 23rd.  We should have more details about the track workouts coming soon.  In the meantime, just show up at the track and Peter will definitely have some form of torture planned!

Here is a rough schedule for the next week or so (feel free to add any additional group workouts by replying to this post):

  • Saturday 5/14 - 8:00am long run at the W&OD trail
  • Monday 5/16 - 6:30pm track workout at Fairfax HS
  • Saturday 5/21 - 8:00am long run at the W&OD trail 
  • Monday 5/23 - 6:30pm track workouts return to Chantilly HS for the remainder of the summer

It does look like the next couple of days are going to be pretty rainy, so please check the blog comments before heading out to the group run to see if people are still planning on attending the workout.

Happy training, 



  1. I know there are a few people who wanted to sign up for the Steamtown Marathon before it closed last month. Luckily, they have started a waiting list. If you are one of those people who got blocked, make sure to visit the Steamtown website ( and put your name on the waiting list. The spots will be given on a first come first serve basis, so hurry and put your name on the list!

    Also, Steamtown hotel rooms are almost full, so make sure to book a hotel room very soon. Right now we have people staying in both the Hilton Scranton and the Hampton Inn at Montage Mountain.

  2. Hi Everyone! Torture? Mwahahaaha...but seriously, I'm a fan of track workouts, they help to add speed and develop a sense of pacing.

    5/16 Workout:

    Simulate 5k on a race (though not at 100% effort) day.

    Run 6 easy laps, during 3 of these laps do 100 meter strides on the straightaways (faster than race pace). Rest 5 minutes. Run a 5k (12.5 laps) at 95% effort and record your time. Follow with 1 mile cool down. We will do this one again just before the Independence Day 5000, hopefully there will be some improvement.

    5/23 Workout:

    1 mile warm up run.

    I'll split up everyone into teams of two, pairing them up so they are approximately equal in ability. Runner #1 does an 800 (at 5k race pace) then passes baton on to runner #2. Each runner does a 6x800. If you have some air left in your lungs during your break cheer on your team mate!

    1/2 mile to mile cooldown run as needed.

  3. What is the mileage for long run tomorrow?

  4. Nancy, I'll need to keep my "long" run really short. I'm thinking 4 miles at the absolute max. Anyone else?

  5. Go Tom, BethAnn and George!!! I look forward to checking out the race results this weekend.
    Also look forward to group speedwork on Mondays. If Mondays are bad for anyone, Peter and I will be continuing the killer hill work on Wednesdays.
    I ran 2 of my 7 miles in my new Hattoris today and the calf muscles got a workout. A lot different from regular running shoes.

  6. Peter and Keith... would you like me to add the Wednesday workout to the group workout page on the website? What time and where do you usually meet?

    As for the long run tomorrow morning, it sounds like it might only be Nancy, Kelly, April, and me. I don't know if you guys are planning on running in the rain or not, but that doesn't sound especially exciting to me. Feel free to text me in the morning. Unfortunately my iPhone died tonight and I had to get it repaired at the Apple store (so I lost all of my phone #'s until I restore the phone in the morning). So, I can't text you guys, but if you text me if you are coming or not I can write you back!

  7. Wanted to let everyone know that the Army 10 mile race registration starts at 12:01AM tomorrow. Check out to register. I'm hoping to run it in the mid to high 50 minute range (that's why I'll be at all of Peter's speed workouts!). It's a fun race for those who haven't run it before.

  8. Congratulations BethAnn and Tom! Tom got a 22:58 (PR and 4th in his division) and BethAnn got a 23:25 (3rd in her division) in the Police Week 5K this morning! Way to go Rogue Racers!

  9. Wow! Great times. That weight loss and training has obviously paid off for you Tom. Can't wait to see that PR continue to get lower.
    BethAnn just continues to kick butt as usual. Way to go.

  10. Nice one Tom, you cracked 23.

    Great effort BethAnn and congrats on placing 3rd in your division.

  11. Well, I just found out I can go to sleep early b/c won't be able to run Army 10 miler. I will be going to FL w/ April and her company. Maybe Richmond Marathon or Rock-n-Roll Savannah 1/2 or full?

  12. Just saw that Drew Carey ran a 1:57 at the Historic 1/2 in Frednecksberg, VA. Funny how they ranked him #1 in his division. The Price is Right division??
    Go big George! I'm looking forward to seeing the Knoxville race results.

  13. Congrats to George on his PR in the Rev3 Knoxville Half Ironman today!

  14. Way 2 go on the PR! After 5+ hours of exercise do you get to eat/drink anything you want? You deserve it.

  15. Good run tonight everybody! Despite the unscheduled game and thunder and lightning we still figured a way to get some speedwork in.
    I am trying to figure out my next Marathon to run and while on I saw the article about Jeffrey Eggleston winning the Pittsburgh marathon. He was hired to be the rabbit and lead other US runners to Olympic trials qualifying times. When nobody could keep up with him, including the international elites, he decided to win it himself. I think I have a new favorite American runner (sorry Ryan Hall). Check out his website He was also the top American runner at Rockville's Pikes Peek 10k this year (Peter and I tried but just couldn't keep up).

  16. Heading over to Chantilly this evening around 8:45 p.m. for some track work. Doing a 4 mile run with 1 at 5k race pace.

  17. Took my 1st day off from running yesterday and will cross train today. I ran 89 days in a row and was going to keep going if I stayed healthy. Strained my calf on the treadmill and decided to take a few days off.
    There is a good video of Jack Daniel's (author of The Running Formula)speech on Saucony's facebook page where he talks about his training principles. One of them was stop when you need to and to not overtrain. Also, to run the least amount of miles needed to achieve your goal. He talks about an older athlete that had a very high VO2 max when he was younger and maintained it as he got older. He noticed the one thing that was different from other athletes as he aged was he took several breaks from running when injured or not feeling well.
    After two days off I will still race on Saturday. I hope everyone has a good weekend of racing and training.

  18. Go sprint triathletes!!! Looks like awesome weather tomorrow.
    Also, get a good team picture and put it up on the home page. I'm tired of the current one.

  19. me too....that guy looks like he's not used to winning!

  20. ...and he needs a tan!!
    We had a chance to race with Edi Turco and his girlfriend again yesterday in Annandale and Peter got to work on his Italian. The women's winner and men's 2nd overall were a couple from Woodbridge running for VA Runner. It was a nice race with perfect weather and was able to set a PR. The hill work with Peter has been helping b/c the course was quite hilly and it didn't seem to effect me until the end.

  21. Way to go Rogue triathletes!! Everyone had a PR and Holly and Mark placed 4th in their divisions.

  22. probably ryan and mindy. she coaches at Southern Alabama and was 4th at USA nationals (indoor) in the 3000m

  23. Congrats to Adam and Hayley for the big overall finishes!