Monday, May 23, 2011

Week of 5/23/11 - 5/29/11

I just talked to the nice people at the Capital Running Company and they confirmed that we can have as many people as we want on our team for the Let Freedom Run 5K.  When registering for the race, it is important to make sure that everyone spells the team name exactly the same (otherwise you risk running on your own one man team).  Be sure to enter the team name as follows:

Rogue Racers

Only the fastest four times on our team will count.  Of those four times, one has to be a female time (no pressure - Keith, Peter, Adam, and Hannah).  The rest of us get to reap the rewards of having some very fast people on the team.  :-)

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the race results from this past weekend.  We had team members competing in three different races setting a total of five new PR's!

Happy training,



  1. Oh, boy track tonight--hot.
    Keith hope I didn't let you down. You did a great job making up for my pace.
    Very creative workout Peter. I liked that everyone finished at about the same time.

  2. Very fun (and challenging)speedwork routine last night. Tom and Hannah were flying around the track. Can't wait for more of these workouts!!!
    Kelly, we came in a good 2nd place. I like how you and Austin came up with a good way to get back into the race. We'll get them next time.

  3. I'm heading over to Burke Lake at 6:30pm tonight if anyone is interested. :-)

  4. Had a great run at Burke lake (minus the whole almost stepping on a snake). Next time though I'll follow Mark's example and end the run with some Cold Stone :)

  5. How do you know that Mark and Austin got cold stone?

  6. Great hill workout yesterday with Keith and Jenn. First 800 felt like a blast furnace, thankfully it got better after that.

  7. Is anyone running tomorrow morning (Sat) at WO&D?

  8. Saturday at 8am W&OD. Be aware that Viva Vienna is also happening so we may have to adjust our parking.
    That is as of 5:00pm

  9. Peter and I will be chasing ambulances in Fair Oaks tomorrow morning! Have a good long run and we'll see you for speedwork on Monday.