Saturday, July 16, 2011

Week of 7/18/11 - 7/24/11

In honor of George and Mark, who are both competing in the Ironman Lake Placid triathlon on July 24th, I have included one of my favorite videos below...

For those of you interested in following the triathlon, you can find race information on the Ironman Lake Placid website and tracking information on the IronmanLIVE website.  Tomorrow (Sunday, July 17th) we will be meeting at Whole Foods in Fair Lakes at 10am for a "good luck at Lake Placid" coffee/breakfast celebration.  There is plenty of seating in the restaurant area, so the more the merrier!

Group workouts for this week (click here to view the summer 2011 pace chart):
  • Monday 7/18/11 - 6:30pm track workout at Fairfax HS (Chantilly HS track closed)
    • 10-20 minute warmup
    • 3 x 1600 (1 minute rest interval)
    • 10 minute cooldown
    • Long jump (Peter will explain)
  • Wednesday 7/20/11 - 6:30pm tempo run at Fairfax Corner
    • 6 mile run: 2 miles easy, 3 miles @ short tempo pace, 1 mile easy
  • Thursday 7/21/11 - 8:30pm track workout at Fairfax HS
    • Check with Peter and/or Keith for more info
  • Saturday 7/23/11 - 7am long run at W&OD Vienna
    • 15 miles @ marathon pace + 45 seconds/mile
  • Sunday 7/24/11 - 8am recovery bike ride at W&OD Vienna
    • Check with Bob for more info

Make sure to let with Bob know (via the blog) if you are coming out on Saturday or Sunday to the W&OD trail.  As of right now I'm not sure if anyone else is meeting up at the trail, so just make sure to give him a heads up if you are coming out to run and/or bike. 

Happy training, 



  1. Shhh! I am trying to sleep.

  2. Breakfast at Whole Foods after a run at Burke, sounds heavenly...but Mark will be lurking with more ice-cream suggestions.

    Posted a video of Michael Wardian finishing the indoor marathon this morning. It was billed as a world record attempt but considering he had just finished a 135. Wardian was kind enough to come out and do a nice run nonetheless.

    I paced Jay Wind for a little while in bare feet (didn't bring shoes) before the feet police kicked me off. Jay is phenomenal, after 26 miles indoors he treated me to some feats of strength, more on that during our get together tomorrow....

  3. Peter, that was really neat to watch! Thank you for all of the great videos. If you guys haven't seen it, here is the link:

    See everyone tomorrow morning!

  4. Jay's time was possibly an indoor WR for his age group from what I heard

  5. Update on Chantilly:

    Most likely the track will be closed all summer, they are putting down astro turf.

  6. Hey guys, I just realized that I have a dinner meeting tomorrow night (Wed 7/20). So while I'd like to be running with you guys tomorrow night, I'll be doing that in the morning instead...and enjoying my lobster curry while you guys run in the afternoon ;).

    Good luck to all on their tempo runs. This one seems killer.

  7. I think we are still running tonight at Fairfax Corner, despite the fact it will feel like 106 degrees at 6:30. Is this correct?

  8. I'll be running at Fairfax High this evening. Mixing in a long run with some 200 intervals.

  9. I was going to meet you guys at Fairfax Corner. Are we not going there now?

  10. That last comment was me?

  11. Tom, we are still coming tonight around 6:30ish - its gonna be a hot one!

  12. I will be there. I guess all we can do is the best that we can do.. We also need to be careful too. See you then. I might get there early in case anyone wants to start the pain a little early. LOL

  13. Did some crazy speedwork with The Running Store crew in Gainsville. Nothing like speedwork in a convection oven. Hope everyone's tempo runs went well.

  14. Hello Rogue Racers! I hope everyone had a good workout yesterday. I myself did not have the chance to run, but I did hit the gym during lunch. I will be running my tempo run today.

    Anyways, it turns out that Mai-An and I will be at the beach on Saturday, so I will be unable to coordinate the run this weekend. I am available for the Sunday morning bike ride if anyone is interested. It will be hot, so we can make it a short recovery ride if you guys would like. Meet at Vienna W&OD at 8:00 am and ride to Herndon (red caboose) and back. The entire ride should take no more than 1 hour. Let me know if you are interested.


  15. Hi Bob-

    I may be interested in Sunday bike ride. I will let you know via the blog by Saturday. Have fun at the beach!

  16. Hi everyone! Miss running with you all! check this tri out..this is going to be my first one and I'd love for you guys to join! DCL is beautiful this time of year and the SavageMan is an awesome course. the big dawg is full I believe, but the Internat'l distance on Saturday, September 17th is still open! Hope all is well, and that you're not roasting too terribly in NoVa! It's even hot here, so i'm certain it's reaaaalllly toasty there! Talk soon!


    forgot to post the link! my b!

  18. So, Leah... are you officially signed up?

  19. Hi from Steamy Lake Placid. We are steps away from Mirror Lake. We have run, swam and stand-up paddled boarded. Tonight is ice skating. We have seen so many NOVA people here. VA is well represented. Will keep you posted.

  20. keith where and when are track workouts in gainsville? any set workout schedule? -adam

  21. Right now I'm just doing the Wednesday night (7PM) speedwork session. People of all levels of running show up. It gets pretty intense. Ian Connor coaches it and some pretty fast people tend to come. Mostly speed intervals based on time rather than distance with timed recovery periods in between.
    I'm not sure when Jordan will be getting the team doing training sessions.
    Looking forward to the race on the 30th!

  22. Hey guys, seeing how I don't have any definite participants for tomorrow's recovery ride, I'm just going to cancel it. I hope everyone had a great weekend and kept themselves nice and cool. See you guys next week.

  23. @ keith; so a big fartlek? sounds fun!

    also saucony came by the store friday; tried on their amp pro slipper...super soft.

    video here:

  24. Adam,

    It's just like a fartlek on the track with a coach to yell at you when you slow down.
    I saw those slippers and they looked like they would be comfortable. I'll check out the video.
    Ran the super hot Crystal City twilighter and kind of blew up with the crowded start, the heat and cramps. I'm hoping for better weather for the race in Spotsylvania.

  25. yeah me too. if anything you won't have to deal with the crowded start!