Saturday, July 2, 2011

Week of 7/3/11 - 7/9/11

This past week the Washington Running Report released their spring runner rankings.  Keith and Peter both qualified as top regional runners in their respective age groups.  Keith was ranked 14th out of 15 runners and Peter was ranked 13th out of 50 runners.  Congratulations!

For anyone who didn't see the videos that Peter shot of the PVTC track meet last week, please check out the new "Videos" page that I added to our website.  Mandy has offered to help Peter shoot the finish of the July 4th race, so we should have some nice new footage to add on Monday.  

Packet pick-up for the Let Freedom Run 5K is being held today, tomorrow, and race morning at Fairfax Corner.  I'm going with Kelly today around 11am to pick-up packets.  I've already spoken with several people about picking up their packets.  If you need me to grab your race "stuff" just shoot me a text message sometime this morning letting me know.  I will bring all the packets to the short run in Vienna tomorrow and then to the race on Monday.

Schedule for this week:

  • Sunday 7/3/11 - 9am "short" 2-3 mile run at W&OD Trail in Vienna
  • Monday 7/4/11 - 8am Let Freedom Run 5K (meet around 7:15am in normal Fx. Corner parking location - behind AAA building at intersection of Monument Drive and Government Center Parkway)
  • Wednesday 7/6/11 - 6:30pm run (location TBD)
  • Saturday 7/7/11 - 8:30am PVTC Track Meet in Falls Church (meet around 8am)

I just want to wish everyone good luck in the race on Monday.  I hope that we see TONS of Rogue Racers PR's!  Most importantly though, I hope that everyone has fun and races hard.  It is time to show everyone that good friends, hard training, and a sportsman-like attitude (at all times) make our team what it is... GREAT! :-)

As Kelly Paul would say, "Tri... Endure... Succeed..."

Happy training, 



  1. Getting pumped for tomorrow's race. Can't wait to see that big tent right there next to the fountain. Going to be cool!

  2. congrats Peter and Keith. and YAY for Rogue Racers tomorrow. This is "run club" is addicting... I've missed running this past week and looking forward to our team race tomorrow :)

  3. Holly, you rained on my parade...I was planning to start a rumble.

    Going out to run with Keith at 2 p.m. Chantilly. 2 miles with a fast 800.

  4. PS - Amazing senior runner (61 years old), watch him race a 16 year old in a sprint:

  5. Wow-- that guy does not look 61. I guess now I know the key to not aging- working out 6 days a week, 2x a day- track, physical therapy, and massage!

  6. That's amazing! The kid actually had to take it to another level toward the end b/c he was being caught by the old guy.

  7. I liked the 61 year old's outfit. I'm thinking we go with something like that for our next team uniform! :-)

  8. Awesome race today-- tons of PRs and CRs :)

  9. are we still running tomorrow afternoon??